Summer 2016, Volume 32, No. 2

Technical articles

  • Introduction to XRD analysis of modern functional thin films using a 2-dimensional detector — (1) GI-XRD by Shintaro Kobayashi and Katsuhiko Inaba
  • X-ray stress analysis technique using the optimization of d0 with error term / Direct Refinement Solution (DRS) method by Shoichi Yasukawa
  • Introduction to single crystal X-ray analysis X. Protein expression for X-ray structure analysis by Takashi Matsumoto
  • Liquid analysis by total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometer by Kazuaki Okuda
  • Sample preparation for X-ray fluorescence analysis VI. Metal samples by Takao Moriyama and Eiichi Furusawa

New Products

  • Nanoscale X-ray structural characterization instrument: NANOPIX
  • X-ray diffractometer system with single or dual PhotonJet microfocus sources: XtaLAB Synergy
  • Powder analysis softare EasyX - Qualitative and quantitative phase analyses by simple operation
  • Single crystal diffraction software: CrysAlisPro


  • Introduction to X-ray analysis using the diffraction method by Hideo Toraya
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