Rigaku Introduces New High Accuracy Micro Area Residual Stress Analyzer

The Woodlands, TX – October 5, 2012. Rigaku announces today the global release of the AutoMATE II, a highly accurate micro area residual stress analyzer. The AutoMATE II is an improved version of the AutoMATE, a popular residual stress analyzer in the Japanese automotive industry. The AutoMATE II is designed to ensure that the highest standards are met, as far as residual stress is concerned, in terms of part quality, reliability, durability and safety when automotive parts are designed or produced. The ultimate aim of the integration of the AutoMATE II in the design and production workflow is the elimination of recalls on parts that are impacted by stress and strain issues.

The most advanced new feature of the AutoMATE II lies in an innovative new X-ray detector. The detector used in the AutoMATE II is the D/teX Ultra1000, an electronic Si strip detector that has high dynamic range, high sensitivity, and good energy resolution, as well as not requiring any consumable gas. The sensitivity of the D/teX Ultra1000 is 1.7 times higher than the previous detector. The large dynamic range allows the new AutoMATE II to easily measure samples consisting of coarse grains. The energy resolution allows you to improve your signal to noise by reducing the fluorescence that increases background.

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