Volume 1 No. 1/May 1984

  • Preface by H. Jagodzinski
  • Foreword by M. M. Woolfson
  • New Initiatives in the Solution of Difficult Structures: Gradient Refinement Techniques Applied to Direct Methods of Solving the Phase Problem by H. Wright
  • Liquid to Crystal Ordering in HNO₃ Intercalated Single Crystal Graphite by E. J. Samuelsen, R. Moret and R. Comes
  • New X-ray Diffractometer System D/max-B Series
  • Automatic X-ray Stress Analyzer "Strainflex" Series MSF-2M, PSF-2M
  • Computer-controlled X-ray Topographic Imaging System
  • Curved PSPC Microdiffractiometer
  • Automatic Piezo Goniometer System for Si Wafers
  • The Editor's Postscript by Y. Shimura
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