Volume 5 No. 1/May 1988

  • Preface: Some Observations on Recent Developments in Polycrystalline Diffraction by W. Parrish
  • Analysis of Semiconductors by Double-crystal X-ray Diffractometry by M. A. Capano, K. L. Kavanagh, S. Bensoussan and L. W. Hobbs
  • Direct Observation of Electric Field Induced Changes in Real Structure of Semiconductors and Insulators by Krishan Lal
  • Step Counting with the Rigaku Miniflex by D. M. Nicholas, R. V. Meddes and L. C. Hodges
  • TRIAX Goniometer for Monocrystal X-ray Diffractometry
  • X-ray Diffractometer System for Macromolecules R-AXIS II
  • Full Automatic Computer Controlled Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer A-SPEC 205
  • Multi-Function High Resolution Wide Angle Goniometer PMG-VH
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