Volume 6 No. 1/May 1989

  • Preface by Raymond Jeanloz
  • Analysis of Rocks Using X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry by Timothy E. La Tour
  • RIETAN A Software Package for the RIETVELD Analysis and Simulation of X-ray and Neutron Diffraction Patterns by F. Izumi
  • An Introduction to In-house EXAFS Facilities by Y. Udagawa
  • Residual stress Distribution in the Surface near the Joining Boundary of β-Si₃N₄ and Carbon Steel by S. Tanaka and K. Oguiso
  • Standardless X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (Fundamental Parameter Method Using Sensitivity Library) by Y. Kataoka
  • X-Y Stage with a Mapping Function, and Curved PSPC Micro-area X-ray Diffractometer with a Total Reflection Capillary Collimator
  • TEXSAN™ Structure Solution Package
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