Volume 6 No. 2/November 1989

  • Preface by Fan Hai-fu
  • The Powder Diffraction File: Past, Present and Future by D. K. Smith and R. Jenkins
  • Non-Destructive Determination of Load and Residual Stresses by the X-Ray Stress Method by I. O. Benning
  • Determination of a Difficult Structure: A Case of Strong Correlations between Parameters by R. Kuroda
  • Whole-Powder-Pattern Decomposition Method by H. Toraya
  • Micro Area X-ray Diffraction Techniques by H. Araki
  • The D/max-1000 Series Offers a New World in X-ray Diffraction
  • The World of the Integrated Rietveld Analysis System FAT-RIETAN: A Message to Users of the Rigaku Version
  • A New Version R-SAPI-88
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