Volume 7 No. 1/May 1990

  • Preface by Gerald R. Lachance
  • Minimizing the Sources of Error in the Analysis of Geological Samples by X-ray Fluorescence by N. W. Bower, P. E. Neifert, C. M. Lewis, and G. Luedemann
  • Fluid, Hexatic, and Crystal Phases in Terephthal-bis-(4n)-Alkylanilines by D. Y. Noh, J. D. Brock, J. D. Litster, R. J. Birgeneau, and J. W. Goodby
  • Thermophysical Properties of Boron Phosphide Single Crystalline Wafers by Y. Kumashiro
  • Single Crystal Orientation Measurement by X-ray Methods by T. Kikuchi
  • Scanning Type Double Crystal Topographic Goniometer Model 2
  • On-Line Measurement & Analysis System
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