Vol. 8 No. 2/November 1991

  • Preface: The Progress in Crystal Structure Determination over the Last Forty Years: a Memoir by a Man who Tried to Eliminate His Specialty by Yoshi Okaya
  • Relationship between Cutting Performance and Residual Stress of PVD Coated Film on Cemented Carbide Tool by I. Yazaki, M. Kohata, and K. Sasaki
  • An Advanced Technique of X-ray Diffractometry for in Situ Observation at High Temperatures — Application for Intermetallic Compounds by M. Kimura
  • Advanced X-ray Diffractometer and Application to Petrochemical Products - Measurement of Polymer Compounds by X-ray Diffractometry by G. Fujinawa
  • USASG-1 Ultra-small-angle X-ray Scattering Study: Preliminary Experiments of Colloidal Suspensions
  • 10" Topography Imaging System
  • Fully Automatic Double Crystal X-ray Diffractometer "ADOX"
  • Mercury Monitor EMP-1 for Working Environment
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