Vol. 9 No. 2/November 1992

  • Preface by R. Jenkins
  • Diffuse Scattering from Crystals of Yeast Initiator TRNA by A. R. Kolatkar, J. B. Clarage, and G. N. Phillips. Jr.
  • Ceramic Wear Track Characterization by Advanced X-ray diffraction by M. Woydt, A. Skopp and H. Hantsche
  • Accurate Measurement of Unit-Cell Parameters by the Powder Diffraction Method: The Use of Symmetric Experimental Profile and a New Algorithm for Systematic Error Correction by H. Toraya
  • Structural Analysis of Semiconductor Superlattices by Y. Kitano, K. Okada, and Y. Mori
  • R-AXIS IID: a Two-Dimensional Detector System Using Imaging Plate by K. Sasaki
  • Automated X-ray Single Crystal Diffractometer AFC-7 Series
  • teXsan Structure Analysis Software
  • X-ray Spectrometer RIX1000
  • Rapid Measurement System for Single Crystal Orientation RASCO-L
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