Vol. 10 No. 1 /May 1993

  • Preface by H. M. Kanare
  • Quantitative X-ray Diffraction from Thin Films by I. K. Schuller and Y. Bruynseraede
  • Combining Molecular Mechanics and X-ray Diffraction Methods by C. L. Day and R. A. Jacobson
  • The Monomeric Form of Photosystem I Reaction Center of the Thermophilic Cyanobacterium Mastigocladus laminosus: Recent Progress in Crystallization of the Complex by T. Gilon, B. Shaanan and R. Nechushtai
  • A High-Speed Data-Collection System (R-AXIS IIC) for Large-Unit-Cell Crystals Using an Imaging Plate as a Detector and a Rotating-Anode as X-ray Source by M. Sato
  • Research Concerning Elimination of Mercury in Flue Gases Using a Filter Layer by M. Takaoka
  • New Automatic X-ray Diffractometer System D/MAX-2000 Series
  • Theta/Theta Goniometer System with a Rotating Anode X-ray Source (TTR)
  • Time-Sharing X-ray Imaging System R-AXIS DS
  • Fully Automated X-ray Spectrometer RIX2000
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