Vol. 10 No. 2/November 1993

  • Preface by S. Tanaka
  • X-ray Polycrystalline Diffraction Analysis of Thin Films by T. C. Huang
  • Applications of X-ray Fluorescence-Pattern Recognition in Forensic Archaeometry and Archaeomaterials Analyses by N. W. Bower, J. O. Speare, and W. J. Thomas
  • Dynamic Deformation Densites and Their Chemical Interpretation by T. S. Cameron, P. K. Bakshi, B. Borecka, and W. Kwiatkowski
  • X-ray Residual Stress Measurement in Micro Areas of Ceramics by N. Fujii and S. Kozaki
  • Wide Angle Goniometer "ULTIMA" System
  • EXAFS 3000 - A Spectrometer for Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (with a horizontally held sample)
  • >R-AXIS II -Options and Accessories
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