Vol. 11 No. 1/May 1994

  • Preface by A. Clearfield
  • A Practical Approach to Data Collection Using the R-AXIS II by J. Tanner and K. L. Krause
  • Automated Stress Mapping Using a Microbeam Diffractometer by P. W. DeHaven
  • Advances in PC Software for XRD by Q. Johnson
  • Mesomorphic Investigation of Some Tolane-Based Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers by Ging-Ho Hsiue, Chang-Jyh Hsieh and Ru-Jong Jeng
  • Development of Total Reflection X-Ray Diffractometer for Structural Analysis of Ultra-thin Films by Laue Method by T. Horiuchi and K. Matsushige
  • Quantitative Analysis of Rock Samples by an X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (1)
  • Imaging Plate Diffractometer for Small Molecule Applications R-AXIS CS
  • Multichannel Simultaneous X-ray Spectrometer Systems "Simultix 10", "Simultix 11"
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