Vol. 11 No. 2/November 1994

  • Preface by J. V Gilfrich
  • Small Molecule Diffraction Studies with the R-AXIS Area Detector -Structural Aspects of a Class of Urea Inclusion Compounds by M. E. Brown, M. D. Hollingsworth and B. D. Santarsiero
  • Residual Stress in Ion Implanted Titanium Nitride Studied by Parallel Beam Glancing Incidence X-ray Diffraction by D. E. Geist, A. J. Perry, J. R. Treglio, V. Valvoda and D. Rafaja
  • A Suggestion for Use of Ultrashort Wavelength X-rays -A Report on Development and Testing of a High-Resolution Analytical System for Electron Density Distribution by F. P. Okamura
  • Imaging of Diffraction Data by the Maximum Entropy Method -A New Approach To Crystallography by M. Sakata
  • An Introduction to X-ray Absorption Fine Structure by Y. Udagawa
  • X-ray Microdiffractometer PSPC/MDG 2000
  • High Sensitivity Total Reflection X-ray Spectrometer System 3700
  • The Apparatus Used for Measuring Mercury in the Fluorescent Lamp of the Liquid Crystal Display Mercury/TM-2
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