Volume 12 No. 1/November 1995

  • Preface by P. K. Predecki
  • Zeolite Structure Analysis with Powder X-ray Diffraction and Solid-State NMR Techniques by G. T. Kokotailo and C. A. Fyfe
  • On the Use of Energy Dispersive X-ray Reflection to Study the Electronic Density Profile at Surfaces and Interfaces by R. Felici
  • If Your Only Single Crystal is Not Really Single by L. W. Finger
  • The 6 m Point-Focusing Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Camera at the High-Intensity X-ray Laboratory in Kyoto University and the Application to Polymer Science by S. Suehiro, H. Miyaji, Y. Miyamoto and T. Yoshizaki
  • Measurement of Thin Films on Single Crystal Substrates by the 2θ/α Scanning Methods by M. Nakayama
  • Grazing Incidence X-ray Reflectometer GXR²
  • On-Line Multichannel Simultaneous X-ray Spectrometer System Simultix 10S, Simultix 11S
  • Time Saver Mercury Analysis System RA-Mercury Analyzer with Sample-Changer
  • The 100 Year Discovery of X-rays and W. C. Röntgen's 150 Birthday
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