Volume 12 No. 2/November 1995

  • Preface: 100 Years of X-rays by Ulrich Hennig
  • Preface: To W.C. Röntgen 100 years later by Jenny P. Glusker
  • Microdiffraction Used to Study Domain Switching of Ferroelectric Thin Films by Michael O. Eatough, Mark A. Rodriquez, Duane Dimos and Bruce Tuttle
  • Crystal Structure of Zeolite Y as a Function of Ion Exchange by J. A. Kaduk and J. Faber
  • Utilization of the R-AXIS Area Detector in Routine Small Molecule X-ray Structure Determinations by P. J. Carroll
  • High Power X-ray Generator for XAFS Experiments by K. Sakurai and H. Sakurai
  • High-Speed X-ray Diffractometer R-AXIS IV
  • Rigaku/MiniFlex+ X-ray Diffractometer System
  • Total Reflection X-ray Spectrometer SYS 3700LE—Designed for Light Element Analysis
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