Volume 13 No. 1/May 1996

  • Preface: Large synchrotron facilities in basic and applied research by Nicholas P. Samios
  • X-ray Diffraction Characterization of Multilayer Epitaxial Thin Films Deposited on (0001) Sapphire by Thomas N. Blanton and Liang-Sun Hung
  • Structural Aspects of Divergent Proton Translocation Trajectories in Carbonic Anhydrases II and V by David W. Christianson
  • In Situ X-ray Absorption Study of Copper Surface Complexes: Microbial Influenced Oxidation of Metallic Copper by Henrich H. Paradies, Michael Thies and Ulrike Hinze
  • X-ray Fluorescence Analysis of Heavy Atoms By Use of Ultrashort Wavelength X-ray by Yasuhiko Takahashi
  • An Introduction to X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (Part II) by Yasuo Udagawa
  • Ultra-high Power X-ray Generator SUPRE-X1.5A
  • High Sensitivity Total Reflection X-ray Spectrometer TXRF System 3750
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