Volume 13 No. 2/November 1996

  • Preface: Microstructure Analysis by Diffraction -- The Beginning of the End by Prof. Robert L. Snyder
  • Alzheimer's Disease Amyloid beta Peptide 25-35 is Localized in the Membrane Hydrocarbon Core: X-Ray Diffraction Analysis by R. Preston Mason, Janet D. Estermyer, Jeremiah F. Kelly and Pamela E. Mason
  • X-ray Scattering From Surfaces and Interfaces and its Application to the Characterization of CaF₂/Si(111) Interfaces by J. Harada, I. Takahashi, Y. Itoh, N.S. Sokolov, N.L. Yakovlev, Y. Shusterman and J.C. Alvarez
  • Nondestructive Measurements of Stoichiometry in Undoped Semi-Insulating Gallium Arsenide by X-ray Bond Method by Nuofu Chen, Yutian Wang, Hongjia He, Zhanguo Wang, Lanying Lin and Osamu Oda
  • Quantitative Analysis of Rock Samples by an X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (II) by Atsushi Goto and Yoshiyuki Tatsumi
  • 200 kV Rotating Anode Type High Energy X-ray Generator
  • Fully Automated RIX3001 X-ray Spectrometer
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