Volume 14 No. 1/May 1997

  • Preface: From Single Crystals and Powders to Polycrystals: Quantitative Texture Analysis by Prof. H-R. Wenk
  • X-stream™ Cryocrystallography by John P. Rose and Bi-Cheng Wang
  • Applications of X-Rays in the Quartz-Oscillator Industry by Hans Bradaczek and Gerhard Hildebrandt
  • An X-Ray Diffraction System With Controlled Relative Humidity and Temperature by H. Hashizume, S. Shimomura, H. Yamada, T. Fujita, H. Nakazawa and O. Akutsu
  • Study of the Structures of an Asymmetrically Coupled Double-well Superlattice by Double-Crystal X-ray Diffraction by W.Q. Ma, Y. Zhuang, Y.T. Wang and D.S. Jiang
  • Desktop X-ray Diffractometer "MiniFlex+"
  • Fully Automated Sequential X-ray Spectrometer System RIX3100
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