Volume 16 No. 1/May 1999

  • Preface: As chance would have it by Andre Guinier
  • Preface: Specimen preparation by V.E. Buhrke
  • Preface: High-Throughput "Combichem" Crystallography by R.C. Stevens and B.D. Santarsiero
  • The Protein Structure Project, 1950-1959: First Concerted Effort of a Protein Structure Determination in the U.S. by A. Tulinsky
  • Analysis of Limestones and Dolomites by X-ray Fluorescence by B.D. Wheeler
  • X-ray Evanescent Diffraction: Application to Metal Surfaces by M. Kimura
  • An X-ray Reflectivity Study of Surface Layering in a Magnetic Fluid by I. Takahashi, K. Ueda, Y. Tsukahara, A. Ichimiya and J. Harada
  • Atom Clusters with Icosahedral Symmetry in Cubic Alloy Phases Related to Icosahedral Quasicrystals by K. Hiraga, T.Ohsuna and K. Sugiyama
  • Determination of the Orientation of an Epitaxial Thin Film by a New Computer Program CrystalGuide by R. Yokoyama and J. Harada
  • Advanced Thin film X-ray system—Grazing incidence in-plane diffractometer ATX-G
  • Oil Content Meter using a new solvent OIL-20A
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