Volume 16 No. 2/November 1999

  • Protein Crystallization and Dumb Luck by Bob Cudney
  • Metal Ions in Biological Systems by J.P. Glusker, A.K. Katz and C.W. Bock
  • Crystal Structures of Metal Aluminum Borates by J.A. Kaduk, L.C. Satek and S.T. McKenna
  • Structural Characteristics of Thin Films by X-ray Reflectivity by I. Kojima and Boquan Li
  • A Note on using R-AXIS RAPID: Rapid X-Ray Diffraction Measurement using "RAPID" IP Weissenberg Camera by H. Uekusa
  • D/max-RAPID: Fast X-ray Diffraction with Area Detector
  • Fluorescence X-ray Spectrometer System ZSX Series
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