Volume 17 No. 1/May 2000

  • Preface: The Progress of Crystal Structure Analysis by Yuji Ohashi
  • Determination of Human Eye Lens Membrane Structure by X-ray Diffraction Analysis by R.F. Jacob, R.J. Cenedella and R. P. Mason
  • Approaching Real X-ray Optics by G. Hildebrandt and H. Bradaczek
  • Resolving Apparent Differences in Mathematical Expressions relating Intensity to Concentration in X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry by J.P. Willis and G.R. Lachance
  • Rietvelt Analysis and MEM-Based Whole-Pattern Fitting under Partial Profile Relaxation by F. Izumi
  • Brief Introduction of X-ray Multiple Diffraction by Yang Chuan-Zheng, Hao Jian-Min and Pei Guang-Wen
  • Data Quality Improvement in the Home Lab: Can the FR-D help?
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