Volume 17 No. 2/November 2000

  • Preface: Rational and Irrational Exuberance in Structural Genomics by T. Peat and J. Newman
  • The Use of Smectite Clays for Formation of a Ceramic Base Surrounding a Tetragonal Zirconium Dioxide Core by T.N. Blanton, D. Majumdar and D.K. Chatterjee
  • Template Mineralization of Ordered nanomaterials of Metallic Copper and Copper-I-Oxides in the presence of Double Chained Cationic Lipids-(III) by H.H. Paradies, M. Thies and U. Hinze
  • Crystalline Polymorphism of Cetyltrimethlammonium Bromide and Distearyldimethylammonium (DSDMA) Compounds. A Comparison of the Hydrated DSDMA-Chloride, DSDMA-S-(+)-Lactate and DSDMA-Pyruvate Systems by H.H. Paradies and S.F. Clancy
  • Microstructral Characterization of Thin Films and Surfaces by a New Grazing Incident X-ray Diffractometer by S. Matsuno, M. Kuba, T. Nayuki, S.Soga and P.W.T. Yuen
  • Electrical Characteristics of Silicon Devices and Crystal Evaluation by X-ray Diffraction Method—Effectiveness of 2-step processing by K. Uda and T. Kijima
  • Characterization of Group-III Nitride Semiconductors by X-ray CTR Scattering and Reflectivity Measurements by Y. Takeda, M. Tabuchi, H. Amano and I. Akasaki
  • The New Standard of X-ray Diffractometer: MultiFlex
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