Volume 18 No. 1/May 2001

  • Functional Algebra-an Important Bridge between Diffraction Experiments and their Evaluation by H. Bradaczek and G. Hildebrandt
  • At the Beginning of the 21st-Century by J. Harada
  • Concept of the Influence Coefficient  by R. M. Rousseau
  • Application of the Imaging Plate Methodology to the Solution of Commensurate Modulated Structures: Identification of Long-Period Mica Polytypes by X-ray Diffraction by M. Nespolo
  • Intensity Ratio of Transition-Metal Lα and Lβ Lines  by J. Kawai
  • A Convergent Beam, Parallel Detection X-ray Diffraction System for Characterizing Combinatorial Epitaxial Thin Films  by K. Omote, T. Kikuchi, J. Harada, M. Kawasaki, A. Ohtomo, M. Ohtani, T. Ohnishi, D. Komiyama and H. Koinuma
  • Study of a Structural Phase Transition in Gd5(Si1-xGex)4 by Means of Temperature Dependent X-ray Powder Diffraction by Q. L. Liu, G. H. Rao, and J. K. Liang
  • Desktop X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer ZSXmini—High-precision analysis with a wavelength dispersive type analyzer
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