Volume 18 No. 2/November 2001

  • For Further Development of the Asian Crystallographic Association by Y.Ohashi
  • Using Single Wavelength Anomalous Scattering Data for In-house Protein Structure Determination by J.P. Rose, Chia-Kuei Wu, Zhi-Jie Liu, M. Gary Newton and Bi-Cheng Wang
  • Application of Multilayer Optics to X-ray Diffraction Systems by Licai Jiang, Boris Verman, Bonglea Kim, Yuri Platonov, Zaid Al-Mosheky, Rick Smith and Nick Grupido
  • Structure Determination of Molecular Crystals Directly from Powder Diffraction Data by K.D.M. Harris
  • Detection Limit and Estimate of Uncertainty of Analytical XRF Results by R.M. Rousseau
  • Development of an Open-flow Crysotat Utilizing Helium Gas for Cryogenic X-ray Diffraction Experiments by M. Nakasako, M. Sawano and M. Kawamoto
  • Direct in Situ Investigation of the Nanostructure of Molecular and Macromolecular Assemblies at Air/Water Interface by X-ray Reflectometery by H. Matsuoka, E. Mouri and K. Matsumoto
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