BioSAXS Automatic Sample Handling

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The ASC provides unattended sample mounting and data collection for those labs who want to take advantage of the higher throughput capabilities offered by the BioSAXS-2000. The ASC supports samples supplied in 96-well plates or 0.2 mL PCR tube arrays and seamlessly integrates with the hardware and SAXSLab software control package. Solution samples can be foil-sealed to ensure that your samples won’t evaporate prior to data collection. The ASC also includes support for temperature controlled sample storage and for multiple cleaning solutions and cleaning protocols. New features include a data collection wizard for quick and easy setup for 96 samples, configurable custom washes and dual syringe speeds for reduced dead-time between samples, and an option to incorporate turbo pumps which pump three times faster than the standard pumps. In all, the feature set of the ASC offers the benefit of quick preparation for automated experiments and optimized parameters to increase sample throughput.