Automatic Data Analysis Pipeline

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The AAP uses automated programs in the ATSAS 2.7 version to provide the following automatic analyses for each sample:

  • Automatic sample evaluation and aggregation identification
  • Automatic data averaging and analysis
  • Automatic Guinier plot generation and calculation of Rg and I(0)
  • Automatic Kratky plot generation
  • Automatic Porod volume and molecular weight (MW) calculation
  • Automatic P(r) calculation with report of real space Rg and Dmax
  • Automatic estimation of qmax from useful Shannon channels
  • Automatic MW calculation by the Volume of Correlation, Vc
  • Automatic envelope calculation, averaging and analysis
  • Automatic shape classification
  • PDF report generator and easy review of previous AAP runs

The AAP thus allows for quick evaluation of sample quality, with color-coded results so that you can easily identify well-behaving samples versus those that exhibit aggregation and concentration effects.
Automatic Data Analysis Pipeline