TG-DTA 8120 accessories

TG-DTA accessories

HUM-1 Humidity Generator
Combining a humidity generator (HUM-1) and a TG-DTA instrument equipped with an electrical furnace surrounded by a water-jacket enables TG-DTA measurements in a humidity-controlled atmosphere up to 80°, 90% RH. A polymer type relative humidity sensor and a high-precision temperature sensor are used as the thermal sensor to achieve quick variation of the humidity, as well as stability for prolonged periods of time.
TG Smart Loader
TG-DTA auto sample changer: Compact and smart. Simple system enabling condition setting in a single operation window. Different types of sample crucibles according to the applications (uses) are selectable.


  • Compact sample changer, minimizing installation space
  • Conventional sample crucibles can be used without modification
  • A single sample can be transferred during manual measurement (set and return key function)
  • Faster and more efficient cooling, enabled with an optional proven cooling fan unit system
  • Compatible with an infrared furnace system that provides high cooling efficiency
  • Reliable operations realized by various sensors
  • Single operation window for quickly setting measurement conditions, temperature programs, and the sample changer