Rigaku Features Latest Analytical Instrumentation at 2016 Eastern Analytical Symposium

Rigaku is presenting its XRD and XRF technology for qualitative and quantitative analysis at the 2016 Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS)

November 14, 2016 – Somerset, NJ. Rigaku Corporation is presenting its diverse range of X-ray analytical instrumentation at the 2016 Eastern Analytical Symposium and Exhibition (EAS).

The event is taking place November 14-16, 2016 at the Garden State Exhibit Center in Somerset, NJ. Rigaku is presenting its latest benchtop X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and Raman spectroscopy instrumentation at booth 438.

EAS is held each year to provide professional scientists and students continuing education in analytical sciences and showcase the latest instrumentation and services for the community of analytical scientists.

The three-day event highlights the latest innovations in analytical chemistry and features a number of courses and professional development workshops along with a technical program and exhibition.
Rigaku manufactures a complete line of X-ray analytical instrumentation and components for research, testing, industrial process control, and product development.

Featured at the exhibition is the Rigaku MiniFlex benchtop X-ray diffractometer. The fifth generation MiniFlex™ is a general purpose X-ray diffractometer designed to deliver speed and sensitivity through innovative technology enhancements such as the optional D/teX high-speed detector coupled with a 600 W X-ray source, and can perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of polycrystalline materials. The 600 W MiniFlex is the most powerful system of its type and features an available sample changer.

More information about analytical chemistry solutions from Rigaku is available at http://www.rigaku.com/applications/qualitative_quantitative_analysis

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