A New Application Report from Rigaku Describes Elemental Analysis of Aerosols in Air Filters by EDXRF

Austin, TX – February 4, 2016. Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. today announced a new method for the measurement of metals, particularly toxic heavy metals, in aerosols on air filters by using energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF). Rigaku EDXRF Application Note 1549 presents a simple linear empirical calibration and demonstrates the performance of the Rigaku NEX DE EDXRF spectrometer.

When inhaled in high concentrations, particulate heavy metals can precipitate severe toxic and carcinogenic effects in humans. Elemental analysis of aerosols and particulate matter released as industrial gas discharge from smokestacks and other outlets is essential for ensuring that environmentally unacceptable levels of toxic and hazardous elements are not improperly released into the air. Monitoring smoke and other gaseous waste is key in many areas, including industrial manufacturing, power plants, and chemical and plastics production. Such analyses are used to reduce air pollution and minimize the release of toxic metals, thereby ensuring compliance with US EPA and other world, regional and local governing regulations.

For the analysis detailed in this report, measurements were performed with the NEX DE EDXRF analyzer with 60 kV excitation source and high resolution and throughput Silicone Drift Detector. Air filter samples prepared from nucleopore polycarbonate aerosol membrane were laid flat in a 10- position autosampler covering the analysis aperture. Each calibration standard was measured in 10 repeat analyses using a total analysis time of 1200 seconds. Measurement conditions may be varied depending on overall composition of the filter loadings.

The results show the NEX DE analyzer to be an ideal tool for screening and monitoring particulate aerosol filers and for helping to ensure industrial processes are environmentally sound and comply with regulations, thereby giving the analysts and technician alike a fast, simple, yet powerful means for monitoring elemental analysis of air filters. The NEX DE analyzer also can serve as a versatile tool for elemental analysis of solids, powders and liquids.

A copy of this application report may be requested on Rigaku’s EDXRF website.


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