Rigaku Wins "Most Innovative New Technology" Award for CrystalMation™ and Desktop Minstrel™ UV Products at the ELRIG Protein Crystallography Conference

Rigaku Wins "Most Innovative New Technology" Award for CrystalMation™ and Desktop Minstrel™ UV Products at the ELRIG Protein Crystallography Conference

The Woodlands, TX — April 21, 2008. Rigaku Americas Corporation is pleased to announce the receipt of the "Most Innovative New Technology" award for the Desktop Minstrel UV ultraviolet crystal imaging and analysis system and CrystalMation automated crystallization system at the ELRIG Protein Crystallography Conference, held in Cambridge, U.K. on April 1, 2008.

Rigaku Desktop Minstrel UV is the world's first fully automated ultraviolet (UV) imaging and protein crystal monitoring system that uses ultraviolet fluorescence (UVF) microscopy. Engineered and optimized for use in protein crystallization experiments, this new instrument is a major advance over previous visible light microscopy techniques because its UVF technology can easily distinguishing protein crystals from non-protein crystals (such as salt). The system is bundled with advanced CrystalTrak™ software for automatic imaging of crystallization experiments; furthermore, it links the acquired images with crystallization conditions in a SQL relational database, providing a complete virtual crystallization laboratory.

Rigaku CrystalMation is a fully integrated platform for protein crystallization, automating every step from custom screen making to crystallization trial imaging and analysis. Modular design means that CrystalMation systems can be configured to meet a wide range of requirements and evolve as needs change. Each of the innovative workstations is available as a stand-alone instrument or in combination with one or more additional components.


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