New High Flux Rotating Anode X-ray Source For Macromolecular Crystallography

New high flux rotating anode X-ray source for macromolecular crystallography

The Woodlands, TX — July 22, 2004. Rigaku today announced the introduction of a new high intensity X-ray generator, the MicroMax™-007 HF, at the American Crystallographic Association annual meeting in Chicago, IL. Employing a microfocus design and affording a 70 by 70 μm focal spot on the anode, this 1.2 kW X-ray generator offers 50% greater power than the industry standard MicroMax-007. By increasing the rotation speed of the anode from 6,000 rpm to 9,000 rpm, together with a variety of design improvements, the MicroMax-007 HF provides substantially more flux at the crystal. Improved performance and reduced maintenance intervals mean the MicroMax-007 is destined to become the new standard for home laboratory environments.

The performance of the new generator is detailed in a new Application Note titled Macromolecular Crystallography: MicroMax-007 HF Performance Comparison. The publication provides a comparison to the industry standard MicroMax-007. Data sets were collected on both systems, using a hen egg white lysozyme crystal. Lysozyme, a well-behaved protein, allowed the performance differential to be assessed. In both cases, the same CMF optic, goniometer, detector and crystal were used.

Keeping all other beam properties constant, a more brilliant source is always considered by crystallographers to be more desirable. So with the MicroMax-007 HF, data confirm a nearly 60% increase in average counts observed. Rmerge for the new generator improved by almost 17% at the highest resolution shell, as compared to the benchmark. Also, lysozyme data from the new system was nearly the same at low resolution but significantly better at higher resolution. This indicates significantly improved performance for the MicroMax-007 HF while simultaneously increasing the data collection throughput.

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