Rigaku purchases Molecular Images; Creates New Software Division

Rigaku purchases Molecular Images; creates new software division

The Woodlands, TX — September 30, 2004. Rigaku today announced the purchase of Molecular Images, a software company dedicated to the development of molecular graphics packages and data analysis systems for macromolecular crystallographic structure determination. The new division will now lead Rigaku's development of integrated and automated crystallographic software spanning the entire range from data collection through structure solution. Existing software operations at Rigaku's headquarters (The Woodlands, TX), and at the SSI software division (Orem, UT), will be folded into the new division—which will continue to operate as Molecular Images.

Based in San Diego, CA, and sharing facilities with Rigaku's ActiveSight division, the new organization will be headed by Dr. Russ Athay, President. Company founder, Dr. Duncan McRee will serve in the role of Chief Science Officer. As core products, distribution of the popular XtalView package, as well the new MI-fit software, will continue. In addition, the Molecular Images Consortium has been expanded to become the Automatic Structure Consortium and is currently adding new members.

Molecular Images' MI-fit software is a new fitting and molecular modeling program, completely redesigned from the ground up, to be a true cross-platform program for both LINUX® and Windows® operating systems. Written by Dr. McRee, the author of Xfit/XtalView, the package contains many new features in addition to all of the functionality of the earlier program. The Automatic Structure Consortium was setup to further development of the next generation of software for protein crystallography and molecular modeling. It consists of a select group, with members from both industry and academe, that use the newly developed MI-fit software, as well as the popular XtalView program. Consortium members have first access to new features and developments within MI-fit, and directly influence development of the next generation software relative to specific features to meet their needs.

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