R-AXIS II Computer Support Being Discontinued

R-AXIS II Computer Support Being Discontinued

The Woodlands, TX — January 13, 2003. The R-AXIS II set the standard of excellence for imaging plate detectors when it was introduced 13 years ago. At this point, your R-AXIS II is now in range of 7 to 12 years old. As with any instrument that has been out of production for many years, supporting that instrument becomes difficult.

To ensure that our R-AXIS II users have access to maximum data collection capabilities, Rigaku has offered software upgrades for the R-AXIS II over the years. To this end, the R-AXIS II may be controlled by our most advanced data collection and processing program, CrystalClear. CrystalClear provides a complete unified GUI for instrument control and data processing on a Windows platform.

The release of Windows 2000 (W2K) proved problematic to our endeavors to support the latest Windows platform for our R-AXIS II users. For the W2K release, Microsoft eliminated support for the type of SCSI hardware found in the R-AXIS II. Due to the age of the R-AXIS II, it is not practical to redesign the CPU-A card in the R-AXIS II controller to be compatible with W2K.

CrystalClear for the R-AXIS II does perform well using the Windows NT 4.0 (WNT) platform. Unfortunately, WNT has now entered the "extended phase" part of its product life cycle. On June 30, 2003, WNT will enter the non-supported phase and on June 20, 2004, WNT will reach the "end-of-life" life cycle. (For a complete description of the Microsoft product life cycle, please visit www.microsoft.com/windows/lifecycle.mspx.)

The "end-of-life" life cycle means that new PC hardware may no longer be compatible with WNT OS. At this point, new PC hardware continues to work with WNT. After June 30, 2003, we cannot assume new PC hardware compatibility with WNT. As an alternate solution, Rigaku is working on a JAVA-based instrument control package, which has the potential to run on Linux-based PCs. However, we are too far from this product to know if it will support the R-AXIS II.

To ensure that you have access to the advanced instrument control and data collection capabilities offered by CrystalClear, we recommend that you upgrade your R-AXIS II control computer prior to June 30, 2003. Your CrystalClear license will be supported for two years from purchase, as usual. Rigaku's service department will continue to offer service contracts and full hardware support for your R-AXIS II until December, 2004. After this time no further service contracts will be offered, but support, that does not involve your computer, will run through the end of 2005 and then be discontinued.

We hope that your R-AXIS II has and will continue to serve you well. If you are interested in upgrading your R-AXIS II to PC control or in upgrading your R-AXIS II to a modern IP or CCD detector, please contact our sales department at info@Rigaku.com or 800-543-2379 extension 126.

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