Rigaku Oxford Diffraction to present X-ray diffraction poster at CrystalErice 2016

Rigaku Oxford Diffraction is presenting applications of using a silver source for single crystal X-ray diffraction at International School of Crystallography conference.

May 20, 2016 – The Woodlands, Texas. Rigaku Corporation is pleased to announce its participation at CrystalErice 2016, presented by International School of Crystallography. The event will feature the course, High-pressure Crystallography: Status Artis and Emerging Opportunities, and will held May 27 through June 5, 2016 in Erice, Italy.

Fundamental topics covered in the course will include experimental techniques for pressure generation, X-ray and neutron diffraction on single crystal and powder materials, comparative structural studies and combined high-temperature and low-temperature experiments.

Rigaku Oxford Diffraction will be presenting a scientific poster, Applications of Using a Silver Source for Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction. Rigaku Oxford Diffraction has a range of high-flux, low-maintenance microfocus sources to suit the most challenging samples. The new microfocus silver source, Silva, is shown to extend the ability to study a wider range of samples than using traditional copper or molybdenum wavelengths.

A variety of experiments with the Silva source and its enhancements over other wavelengths will be discussed, with the results showing that, in many cases, silver radiation outperforms other available wavelengths in terms of data quality and data collection time.

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