New Compact Integrated Diffraction System For Small Molecule Crystallography & Powder Diffraction

New Compact Integrated Diffraction System For Small Molecule Crystallography & Powder Diffraction

The Woodlands, TX — August 23, 2004. Rigaku today formally announced the introduction of a compact and fully integrated high-resolution diffraction system, the Rigaku R-AXIS SPIDER™, first shown at the American Crystallographic Association annual meeting in Chicago, IL at the end of July. The latest member of the R-AXIS RAPID family of curved imaging plate (IP) detectors, the SPIDER combines every component needed for a high performance small molecule crystallography system.

While optimized for small molecule, SPIDER is so versatile that it can replace several instruments, including powder, without compromising data quality. The SPIDER's unique area detector, which encompasses a 2θ range of -60° to +144° at a single detector setting, is contained in a small footprint (100 x 78 cm) radiation cabinet with integrated high-frequency 3 kW sealed tube X-ray source (with available Ag, Mo, Cu, Co, Fe or Cr anodes) with integrated graphite monochromator optic and optimized partial-χ goniometer.

At the heart of this versatile system is the SPIDER's single curved IP detector, which has numerous advantages over other types of X-ray detectors—the two most obvious being a very large active area and wide dynamic range. The large active area is advantageous because a large solid angle of data is collected in a single exposure. Further, data out to 2θ of 144°—which exceeds by 7° the target resolution for publication of single crystal structures determined using copper radiation for IUCr journals—is captured. While the wide dynamic range eliminates worrying about detector saturation, the curved-plate geometry of the SPIDER reduces oblique-incidence X-ray absorption effects seen with flat detectors of any kind. This new detector has a 40% faster read time than the R-AXIS RAPID, enabled by a more powerful laser and a 3000 rpm read head speed. R-AXIS SPIDER systems come equipped with HKL2000 processing software.

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