The University of Toronto Implements RoboDesign's CrystalMation™ Platform

The University of Toronto Implements RoboDesign's CrystalMation™ Platform

Carlsbad, CA and The Woodlands, TX — April 27, 2004. RoboDesign International, Inc., through its worldwide marketing partner, Rigaku announced that the University of Toronto, a member of the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) has chosen to install the Minstrel III and RoboIncubator as its standard protein crystal imaging and analysis technology. The Minstrel HT and RoboIncubator are components of CrystalMation, a fully modular and automated protein crystallization platform, which includes systems for liquid handling, low volume dispense, imaging, storage and analysis.

The Minstrel HT, an ultra-high resolution imaging system, can quickly and consistently image hanging, sitting, or microbatch drops in any plate type. As with all of the CrystalMation components, the Minstrel HT was designed to be expandable and modular, and can be expanded with a wide array of software tools and multiple RoboIncubators, a temperature controlled plate storage and retrieval system. Delivery of the first systems to the University of Toronto's high throughput crystallography facility will be in May 2004.

"It is essential that the SGC attain a protein crystal imaging and analysis system that can meet their demanding needs for performance and reliability," said Robert L. Corey, president and CEO of RoboDesign. "We're confident that our CrystalMation technology will meet their goal in determining 200 protein structures per year. We are pleased and excited to support the SGC at the University of Toronto through the installation of our CrystalMation components and look forward to a prosperous year with them."

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