Rigaku Introduces the Desktop Minstrel™ UV for Crystal Imaging in Protein Crystallography

Rigaku Introduces the Desktop Minstrel™ UV for Crystal Imaging in Protein Crystallography

Carlsbad, CA— December 28, 2007. Rigaku Automation is pleased to announce the introduction of the Desktop Minstrel UV, the world's first fully automated ultraviolet (UV) imaging and protein crystal monitoring system that uses Ultraviolet Fluorescence (UVF) microscopy. Engineered and optimized for use in protein crystallization experiments, this new instrument is a major advance over previous visible light microscopy technology because its UVF technology can easily distinguishing protein crystals from non-protein crystals (such as salt). The Desktop Minstrel UV employs Clean Light Technology™, providing illumination with the wavelength matching the absorption of the fluorescing amino acids (such as tryptophan). The resulting fluorescing light is then digitally recorded by a specialized CCD camera attached to an ultraviolet (UV) microscope.

The Desktop Minstrel UV is built upon the platform of Rigaku's state-of-art imaging automation technology, the Desktop Minstrel, which makes the evaluation of a large number of crystallization experiments possible. The Desktop Minstrel UV enables researchers to accurately harvest protein crystals for data collection or design follow-up experiments.

The Desktop Minstrel UV system comes with CrystalTrak™ software for automatic imaging of crystallization experiments. It links those images with crystallization conditions in a relational database, providing a complete virtual crystallization laboratory. CrystalTrak provides a chemical and crystallization database, data analysis tools, and methods for easily designing optimization and initial crystallization screens. CrystalTrak also provides a simple, yet powerful interface, for viewing images and conditions to evaluate and score crystals. Finally, CrystalTrak Web uses web browser technologies to provide remote viewing over the web or across other platforms such as Mac/OS or LINUX®.

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