Rigaku WD-XRF Spectrometers for Oil and Gas

Rigaku WD-XRF Spectrometers for Oil and Gas

The Woodlands, TX — August 2004. Rigaku has always prided itself on being able to deliver cutting-edge technology to the petroleum/petrochemical industry. Industry experts have come to expect superior performance from Rigaku WDXRF Spectrometers. The recently introduced ZSX Primus and the bench top ZSXmini II continues Rigaku's tradition of excellence. The ZSX Primus is a 4 kW WDXRF spectrometer with the thinnest end window tube (30 micron) available in the industry and is powerful enough to measure Be4 - U92. The smaller footprint, tube below design, and field upgradeable Mapping and Micro Analysis Package make the ZSX Primus an ideal instrument for any lab. The ZSXmini II is a plug and play, bench top spectrometer perfect for mobile or small labs on- and off-site. It requires no external cooling, plugs into a standard 110V outlet and can an easily analyze F9 - U92.

The petroleum/petrochemical industry relies on a variety of techniques utilizing X-ray fluorescence technology. With ever increasing regulation aimed at protecting the environment, it has become more important to make sure each analysis is done properly and follows all specified guidelines. ASTM 2622 is generally used as the benchmark in the industry. The ZSX Primus and the ZSXmini II meet or exceed all ASTM 2622 requirements with the utmost confidence. The need for on-site analysis on the downstream side, whether from offshore or onshore drilling rigs, can be easily met with either the ZSX Primus or the ZSXmini II. Sludges, muds, waste waters, and drill cuttings can all be quickly and effortlessly analyzed with Rigaku WDXRF Spectrometers.

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Since its inception in Japan in 1951, Rigaku has been at the forefront of analytical and industrial instrumentation technology. Rigaku and its subsidiaries form a global group focused on life sciences and general purpose analytical instrumentation. With hundreds of major innovations to their credit, Rigaku companies are world leaders in the fields of small molecule and protein crystallography, X-ray spectrometry and diffraction, X-ray optics, as well as semiconductor metrology. Rigaku employs over 1,100 people in the manufacture and support of its analytical equipment. Its products are in use in more than 70 countries—supporting research, development, and quality assurance activities. Throughout the world, Rigaku continuously promotes partnerships, dialog, and innovation within the global scientific and industrial community.

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