Evolved gas analysis software

3D display and analysis software

Matrix data obtained by complex thermal analysis techniques is presented on easy-to-see 3D display so as to facilitate selection and extraction of 2D data from various angles. This makes it practical to conduct speedy data analysis and evaluation.

  1. 3D matrix data can be handled freely from any angle (360° rotation) to permit observation of evolution gas behavior in a high temperature range at a glance.
  2. Through cursor operation with the mouse, it is possible to select and extract 2D data on mass spectrum at the optional temperature as well as on ion thermogram of the arbitrary mass number (patented).
  3. Multiple display of STA data and ion thermograms can be made simply by just operating "drag & drop" of the mouse with regard to mass number ions.
  4. Sequentially selected 2D data can be stored in "snapshot screen" which allows control with bit map image, so redrawing and analysis can be made optionally (patent pending).
  5. Mass spectrum selected at the optional temperature is linked directly to NIST-MS library search software to execute automatic qualitative analysis.