Custom focusing CMF X-ray optics

For X-ray diffraction and related instrumentation

Confocal Max-Flux

A family of optics for many applications

Rigaku's family of Confocal Max-Flux® (CMF) optics offers the best performance of any two dimensional beam conditioning optics available today. CMF Optics are considered by many to be the most significant advancement in X-ray optics in the last decade. By utilizing two laterally graded multilayers in a side-by-side arrangement, Rigaku improves on all the parameters of previous optical arrangements used for manipulating a X-ray beam in two dimensions.

Improved optical configuration

For many applications, the side-by-side geometry of Rigaku's Confocal Max-Flux® Optics solves problems inherent in both traditional optical schemes and cross-coupled multilayer optical schemes. Both mirrors are arranged at the most appropriate location for optimizing optical performance.

Greatly improve your instrument
  • Quicker and easier beam alignment
  • Flux increases with greatly decreased background
  • Shortening data collection time
  • Decreased beam divergence
  • Improved final resolution
Custom designs made routinely

Elliptical mirrors can be designed to focus a beam at either the sample or detector. The diffraction spot can be designed to match the detector resolution. Therefore, the resolution and angular range of the measurement can simultaneously be improved. Focusing increases flux density, resulting in better contrast.

Confocal Max-Flux


  • Fast, simple alignment
  • Excellent Kα/Kβ ratio
  • Greatly increased flux
  • Lower divergence
  • Symmetric & homogeneous beam
  • Improved data collection

Confocal Max-Flux


Typical performance enhancement is shown in the chart above. The blue line indicates a typical X-ray source output. The yellow line shows the spectrum from Total Reflection Optics with a 10 micron Nickel foil for additional Cu-Kβ reduction. The red line indicates Confocal Max-Flux® Optics where Optic Reflectivity is ≥ 80%, and δe/e is ≤ 5% at FWHM.

Confocal Max-Flux

  • Protein crystallography
  • Biotechnology
  • Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS)
  • Small molecule X-ray diffraction
  • High resolution diffraction
  • Micro-crystallography
  • High pressure diffraction
  • Any micro-focusing application


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