Multilayer optics for extreme ultraviolet lithography

High efficiency multilayer optics for 13.5 nm, 6.x nm wavelengths

EUV optics

Rigaku is the exclusive supplier of Osmic® multilayer coatings and optics for EUV. Based on over 25 year experience developing and supplying X-ray multilayers and optics for high volume industrial and scientific use, our products enable the highest system performance by optimizing the multilayer optical design to the application and source/tool characteristics.

Glancing to normal incidence optics for 13.5 nm (EUV)

EUVL is the current front runner for adoption into high volume manufacturing of memory and logic integrated circuits. Mo/Si multilayers, optimized for EUVL, with protective cap layers of various designs are available from Rigaku for use in collection, beam conditioning pre-reticle for scanners and beam conditioning pre-sample and imaging post-sample for metrology.

Glancing to normal incidence optics for 6.x nm (BEUV)

Even as EUVL approaches adoption, the semiconductor industry is investigating next generation tools. Beyond EUV (BEUV) is based on current development of new X-ray sources and associated multilayer optics. Today, we offer the highest performance available for BEUV.


  • Optimized multilayer optical design for highest performance available
  • High Reflectivity ≥65% at 13.5nm typical (substrate dependent)
  • d-spacing profile precision ± 0.05 Å rms
  • sizes: linear 1.5 m x 0.5 m, diameters up to 450 mm
  • Standard Production Materials: Mo/Si, La/B, La/B₄C, Ru/B₄C, Mo/B4C, W/C, Cr/C, Cr/Sc, Al₂O₃/B₄C, SiC/Si, Si/C, SiC/C, and more

EUV optics

  • EUVL high power source collector optics
  • EUVL metrology tool optics; illumination and imaging
  • EUV and BEUV custom optics for R&D


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