Confocal X-ray optical assembly

Focuses and monochromatizes an X-ray beam for single-crystal crystallography


Rigaku VariMax optics are the latest generation of Confocal Max-Flux® (CMF) optics. They deliver an intense, monochromatic X-ray beam with adjustable divergence on home X-ray sources.

The long length of VariMax optics, compared to other multilayer optics, allows it to capture more of the X-ray beam from the microfocus generator resulting in higher flux. A patented, continuously adjustable divergence slit assembly enables users to fine-tune the X-ray beam divergence for optimal spot separation for different types of crystals.

Different models of the VariMax optics are available for different applications, from the analysis of small and weakly diffracting crystals, to crystals with long unit cell lengths or the need for a specific wavelength for SAD phasing experiments at home. High flux, excellent spectral purity, uniform beam profile, and adjustable divergence make VariMax optics the ideal choice for single crystal diffraction experiments.


  • Graded, multilayer confocal optic with increased length for maximum beam intensity.
  • Double-bounce beam geometry for optimum beam purity
  • Patented, continuously adjustable divergence slit assembly to fine-tune the X-ray beam divergence and allow for optimal spot separation
  • Designed to achieve maximum performance when coupled with Rigaku microfocus X-ray generators
  • Choice of Cu, Cr, Mo, Ag or Co radiation


Model   Divergence range (mR)   Beam size at sample (mm)   Application
VariMax HR 3.2 - 0 0.30 Protein crystallography with Cu radiation and crystals with long unit cells
VariMax HF 4.8 - 0 0.21 Protein crystallography with Cu radiation and small crystals
VariMax VHF 10 - 0 0.10 Protein crystallography with Cu radiation and very small crystals
VariMax Cr 3.2 - 0 0.45 Protein crystallography with Cr radiation for SAD phasing
VariMax Ag 2.7 - 0 0.18 Small molecule crystallography with Ag radiation for high Z electron density studies. Available for Ag Kα and Ag Kβ
VariMax Co 3.2 - 0 0.39 Protein crystallography with Co radiation for SAD phasing
VariMax Mo 3.5 - 0 0.20 Small molecule crystallography with Mo radiation and small crystals
EZ Aligner

The EZ Aligner tool allows for safe and remote alignment for VariMax or OptiSAXS optics. As the name implies, the EZ Aligner makes optimization of beam intensities an easy task. Simply set up your pin diode and pinhole, then use the EZ Aligner remote to optimize the beam from a safe place outside the radiation enclosure. Each EZ Aligner remote produces a radio signal strong enough to penetrate enclosure material or from another room. The EZ Aligner kit includes a remote control that communicates to 4 motors attached to optic micrometers to adjust optic rotation and translation.

EZ Aligner


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