Single Crystal Diffraction System with Microfocus Sealed Tube X-ray Source

Structure determination of macromolecules

XtaLAB MM003

The XtaLAB MM003 system includes the MicroMax-003 microfocus sealed tube generator coupled to a double-bounce confocal optic and is designed for productive, low-maintenance research in your own lab. The MicroMax-003 is the perfect X-ray source for someone who wants the benefit of a microfocus X-ray source, with low power consumption and long tube life, without the added maintenance that goes with a more powerful rotating anode generator. This system occupies a small footprint, so it can be easily integrated into almost any lab space.

Optimized for small crystals

The MicroMax-003 is configured with a specially designed confocal Max-Flux® multilayer optic. This double-bounce optic provides up to 70 times better Cu Kβ suppression compared to single bounce optics, as well as lower divergence and higher intensity. This generator and optic source combination produces a very small beam, less than 100 microns at the crystal, so that more photons are on your small crystals rather than contributing to radiation background. The result is better signal to noise from your diffraction experiments.

HPC detector

The default detector for the XtaLAB MM003 system is a Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) detector, such as the HyPix-6000 or PILATUS3 R 200K hybrid photon counting detector (HPC). HPC detectors are ideal for this type of source because they are photon counting detectors that directly detect X-ray photons without the need the intermediate step of converting X-ray photons to light with a phosphor and because they have extremely low noise. Additionally, HPC detectors have an ideal point spread function of a single pixel. These combined features, along with shutterless data collection, means that you can collect more accurate data faster. As a result, a XtaLAB MM003 system, coupled with a highly sensitive HPC detector, gives you a great tool for both screening and structure solution.

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  • Low maintenance microfocus sealed tube copper X-ray source with confocal double-bounce optics optimized for your detector type (HPAD or IP)
  • Small beam size that is optimized for small crystals
  • System has small footprint for easy integration into any lab space.
  • HPC detector with single pixel point spread function and true shutterless data collection
  • HKL-3000R® for instrument control, data processing and structure solution
  • Ideal system for sample screening prior to synchrotron trips and routine data collection for many samples
Focal spot size (μm) all optics φ = 30
Power (watts) all optics 30
Beam size at sample (μm) optic for PILATUS3 R detector < 100
optic for IP detector < 160
Divergence (mR) optic for PILATUS3 R detector 7.3
optic for IP detector 4.3
Fluence at φ = 100 μm (photons/sec/mm²) optic for PILATUS3 R detector 14 x 10⁹
optic for IP detector 6.6 x 10⁹
Detector name
Active area
Readout times
PILATUS3 R 200K 83.8 mm x 70 mm 7 msec
PILATUS3 R 300K 83.8 mm x 106.5 mm 7 msec
EIGER R 1M 77.2 mm x 79.9 mm Continuous readout, 4 μs deadtime
R-AXIS IV++ 300 mm x 300 mm 110 sec
R-AXIS HTC 300 mm x 300 mm 30 sec/60 sec

XtaLAB accessories


ACTOR is a proven commercial solution for automating routine crystal screening and data collection at both synchrotron beam lines and home laboratories. Compatible with almost any goniometer and detector combination, the ACTOR eliminates much of the physical handling of samples required during crystal screening and data collection.

Oxford Cryo 800

The Oxford Cryostream Cooler The 800 Series Cryostream is the most robust, efficient and user-friendly liquid nitrogen based low temperature system available today. Specific features include a superior laminar flow system, meaning virtually zero risk of icing, extremely quiet running and a fast-start system resulting in a cool-down time to 100K of just 20 minutes.

Oxford Cobra

The Oxford Cobra is the non-liquid nitrogen Cryostream. Combining the efficiency of a Cryostream with the advantages of a non-liquid system, the Cobra offers the ultimate solution for both macromolecular and small molecule crystallography.


RigakuRemote offers the ability to remotely monitor the status of a single crystal X-ray system from anywhere you can get an internet connection. It provides real-time updates of the state of your instrumentation, including video of the crystal and enclosure. Also included are current information about the scans being collected, and a JPEG view of the last diffraction image collected.


The Rigaku PlateMate is a simple, inexpensive tool for rapid screening of crystals within crystallization plates. The PlateMate supports several different SBS format crystallization plates, though best results are observed using X-ray compatible plates. The PlateMate is quickly installed on Rigaku 4-circle AFC11 partial chi and non-inverted phi goniometers by virtue of the standard IUCr goniometer mount fitting.

(Requires partial chi option for CCD and PILATUS systems. IP systems may require a camera repositioning kit to modify camera angle for proper viewing of crystallization wells)


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