Rigaku Raman Technologies Introduces Integral Fiber Optic Probe Accessories for Handheld Raman Analyzers

Burlington, Massachusetts – October 21, 2013 – Rigaku Raman Technologies, a leading pioneer of handheld and truly portable Raman spectrometers, today announced the addition of two compact and easy-to-use fiber optic probe accessories for its Xantus-2™ 785 nm and 532 nm portable Raman analyzers. Designed for pharmaceutical, research, analytical and industrial applications, the new Raman Probe II and Economy Probe will enable customers to significantly improve routine laboratory Raman spectroscopy and support true in situ analysis of an even broader range of materials.

“As our customers look to improve analysis capabilities and explore new applications with Raman spectroscopy, we will continue to enhance our products to provide valuable solutions to fit their needs,” said Bree Allen, General Manager at Rigaku Raman. “The addition of these two lightweight and easy-to-use probe accessories enables customers to broaden their use of lab-based Raman spectroscopy and truly improve workflow efficiency.”

About the New Probe Models
Using the new probes, Xantus-2 customers will be able to perform analysis on a variety of materials, including dark or turbid solutions, and fulfill applications, such as immersion analysis, that standard spectroscopic platforms cannot achieve. In addition, both probe options are lightweight and small enough to fit inside typical laboratory-scale vessels, enabling customers to easily transport them to any location and share among multiple departments. The new Raman Probe II and Economy Probe are being manufactured for Rigaku Raman by InPhotonics, a leading developer of fiber optic sampling probes and accessories for Raman spectroscopy.

About the Xantus-2
Rigaku Raman’s Xantus-2™ is the world’s first dual wavelength Raman analyzer designed to provide customers with application specific solutions for quality data analysis. It is equipped with options of 785 and 1064nm or 532 and 1064nm lasers stabilized for Raman spectroscopy, providing a unique combination of high sensitivity and minimized fluorescence.

Xantus-2 utilizes integrated software combining open architecture with customizable, user-defined settings for optimized sampling parameters that result in comprehensive and actionable data analysis. Equipped with sampling accessories for solids, liquids and powders, the Xantus-2 can perform analysis directly through sample containers without altering or destroying the sample. Users are able to perform rapid quantitative and qualitative analysis and monitor reactions like oxidation and reduction directly through clear/ amber-colored glass vessels.

About Rigaku Raman Technologies
Rigaku Raman Technologies is leading with innovation to pioneer a portfolio of handheld and portable Raman spectroscopy products tailored to support the protection of public health and safety, while aiding the advancement of scientific research and academic study. Our global teams of experts provide world-class support, enabling our customers to realize the advanced analytics and immediate return on investment benefits of our products. For more information visit www.rigakuraman.com.

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