Advanced portable Raman spectrometer

Rapid chemical identification of unknown substances

Progeny X2

Progeny X2™ is a portable Raman instrument that performs as two instruments in just one platform for enhanced comparative analysis. The instrument’s small footprint and ease of use means that rather than bringing a sample to an instrument for analysis, users can benefit from a customized portable solution for application-specific, quality analysis.

  • Laboratory applications: set up methods and identify materials
  • Mobile laboratories: get closer to your sample
  • Teaching and academia: conveniently follows your classroom and curriculum

Battery operated, Progeny X2 is equipped with a dual excitation configuration of 785 nm and 1064 nm giving users the flexibility to achieve optimal sensitivity and minimized fluorescence for their application.

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  • 1064 nm for highly fluorescent samples, colored materials and measurements through glass containers
  • 785 nm for non-fluorescent samples that require high sensitivity
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