NANOPIX specifications

X-ray source (Microfocus rotating anode X-ray generator)
FR-X MicroMax-007 HF MR
Brilliance 67.3 kW/mm2 31.0 kW/mm2
Source size φ70 µm φ70 µm
X-ray power 2.97 kW 1.2 kW
Voltage/Current 45 kV 66 mA 40 kV 30 mA
Beam units
Confocal optics Confocal Max-Flux for Cu
Collimation Pinhole configuration
2 pinhole / 3 pinhole selectable
Sample holder and stage
GI-SAXS attachment TZ, Ry and Rx axis (3 axis stage)
TZ, Ry, Rx and Φ axis (4 axis stage)
Rapid heating and cooling temperature control attachment Temperature control range: -150°C ~ 400°C
Peltier temperature control attachment Temperature control range: -10°C ~ 120°C*
Multipurpose attachment Linkam temperature control stage series
Linkam tensile control stage series
Linkam shear control stage series
Metter hot-stage series
Vacuum attachment Vacuum chamber for vacuum cell
Multipurpose vacuum attachment Vacuum chamber for multipurpose measurement
Temperature and Humidity attachment Temperature: RT ~ 80°C, Humidity: 90% RH
SAXS-DSC attachment Heat-Flux type DSC, -50°C ~ 300°C
Tensile attachment Manual tensile machine

* Temperature range of stage depends on conditions such as environmental temperature.

Base stage
Base YZ stage Horizontal direction: ±35 mm
Vertical direction: ±25 mm
Withstand load < 5 kg
Mounting Kinematic base
Digital telescope camera for sample (Option)
CCD camera
Detector (2D Hybrid Pixel Array Detector)
  HyPix-3000 HyPix-6000
Sensors Semiconductor pixel sensor
Active area 2984 mm2 5968 mm2
Number of pixels 775 x 385 pixels 775 x 770 pixels
Pixel size 100 μm x 100 μm
Global count rate >2.9 x 1011 (1 x 106 cps/pixel)
Internal counter bit Max 31-bit/pixel (Normal 16-bit/pixel)
Energy range 5.4 keV ~ 30 keV
Energy resolution Better than 25% at CuKα
 Readout time 3.7 ms (0 ms for zero dead time mode)
Detector stage Horizontal /Vertical direction ±100 mm
Power supply
Power 3φ AC 200 ±10% 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 13 A 4.5 kW
Grounding resistance Earth resistance ≤ 100 Ω