Turkey tendon collagen

The SAXS pattern of turkey tendon (left) and the plots of "unwrapped" θ vs. Q (right) and I vs. Q (lower). The tendon collagen is used as a standard for lower Q range. The scattering image was taken on Rigaku's S-MAX3000 standard 2D SAXS system with 3 pinholes and length of 3m in the Polymer Science and Engineering Department at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA. The X-ray source is the high brilliance MicroMax-002. The sample-to-detector distance was 1.5m.

SAXS pattern of turkey tendon

S-MAX3000The S-MAX3000 pinhole SAXS camera design is available with a choice of conventional or high brilliance X-ray sources. A 3-meter, fully evacuated camera length provides both high intensity and high resolution. Coupled with a fully integrated 2-dimensional multi-wire proportional counter, the system is capable of making highly sensitive measurements from both isotropic and anisotropic materials. A wide range of sample stage attachments provide maximum flexibility in controlling environmental sample conditions during measurement. Read more about S-MAX3000...