Silver behenate

The SAXS pattern of silver behenate. The data were collected at a sample to detector distance of 0.5m using Rigaku's S-MAX3000 3-pinhole SAXS camera. With its known diffraction peak positions and strong scattering, silver behenate is used as a standard calibration sample to indicate Q-range and detector performance.

SAXS pattern of silver behenate

S-MAX3000The S-MAX3000 pinhole SAXS camera design is available with a choice of conventional or high brilliance X-ray sources. A 3-meter, fully evacuated camera length provides both high intensity and high resolution. Coupled with a fully integrated 2-dimensional multi-wire proportional counter, the system is capable of making highly sensitive measurements from both isotropic and anisotropic materials. A wide range of sample stage attachments provide maximum flexibility in controlling environmental sample conditions during measurement. Read more about S-MAX3000...