Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) pinhole camera system

Structural information for isotropically and anisotropically scattering particles


The S-MAX3000 pinhole SAXS camera design is available with a choice of conventional or high brilliance X-ray sources. A 3-meter, fully evacuated camera length provides both high intensity and high resolution. Coupled with a fully integrated 2-dimensional multi-wire proportional counter, the system is capable of making highly sensitive measurements from both isotropic and anisotropic materials. A wide range of sample stage attachments provide maximum flexibility in controlling environmental sample conditions during measurement.

A multi-purpose SAXS Instrument

The versatile S-MAX3000 system provides for data collection on both isotropic and anisotropic scattering samples. Moreover, an optional, second sample chamber and in-vacuo IP detector extends the measurable q-range as well as provide the option to optimize your SAXS experiment for a desired q-range. The system can also be configured for GI-SAXS measurements.



  • Three pinhole collimation.
  • Can be installed with your choice of X-ray source: Microfocus sealed tube, MicroMax-007 HF, FR-E+
  • Multiple sample chambers for long and mid-range SAXS
  • Automated sample changer
  • Complete vacuum environment
  • Sample temperature control available
  • User-swappable pinholes and beamstop sets for increased flux at lower resolution
  • Photodiode beamstop for intensity measurements and sample absorption correction
  • Custom scripting language for automated data collection

SMAX-3000 specifications

  • Camera Length: 3000 mm
  • Sample Size: 1.5 mm X 5 mm, 15 uL
  • Collimation: 3 pinholes (400 um and 200 um pinholes for beam definition, 700 um guard pinhole before sample)
  • Beam Stop: Horizontal movement (motorized) with PIN-diode detector
  • Incident Beam: CMF optic
  • Sample Stage: X, Y sample stage (motorized) with capacity for 6 samples
  • Beam Stop: Horizontal movement (motorized) with PIN-diode detector q-range: 0.008 - 0.24 A-1 for single sample chamber and single detector combination (additional optional hardware will extend q-range > 1.5 A-1)
  • Detector: 2D Multiwire Area Detector (optional IP detector with reader)
  • Sample Temperature Control (optional)

SMAX-3000 accessories

  • Second sample chamber with X, Y sample stage
  • Second imaging plate (IP) detector with off-line reader
  • Sample temperature control

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