TXRF-V310 applications

TXRF-V310 applications

  • VPD-integrated TXRF for trace element analysis of Na~U
    • Applicable as an in-line contamination monitor
    • Detection of transition metals at the 10⁷ atoms/cm² level is possible (500 sec measurement)
  • Determination of the contaminant element spatial distribution (wafer mapping)
    • Contamination on a 300 mm wafer surface measured in 45 min
    • Contamination distribution is seen at a glance by individual element maps and overlapping element views
    • Average contamination is calculated over the entire wafer surface
    • High-precision measurements can be carried out automatically on contaminated spots found by whole-wafer surface screening
  • For routine analysis on particular points: Direct-TXRF of designated coordinates
    • Correct contamination levels are reported at all points on a wafer by avoiding diffraction interference
    • Detection of transition metals at the 10⁹ atoms/ cm² level is possible (500 sec measurement)
    • Using a high-power rotating-anode X-ray source, three-times higher throughput is achieved compared with a sealed-tube source
    • Light elements, transition metals, and heavy elements are measured seamlessly without switching between multiple X-ray tubes

Fully-automated, high-sensitivity analysis in fab

  • 10⁸ atoms/cm² level of Ca analysis in the cleaning process
  • 10¹⁰ atoms/cm² level of Na and Al analysis in the cleaning process
  • 10⁸ atoms/cm² level of transition metal analysis in the diffusion process
  • 10⁸ atoms/cm² level of Ni contamination analysis in post-cleaning of oxidization

Entire surface mapping of 300mm wafer with high throughput

  • Entire surface mapping in LPCVD (10¹⁰ atoms/cm² level)
  • Entire surface mapping of contamination in ion implantation
  • Entire mapping in RIE process (10¹⁰ atoms/cm² level)
  • Entire mapping in transferred wafer of manufacturing tool (10¹⁰ atoms/cm²)